The Sanguine Temperament – Insights on the Area of Affection From a Christian Counseling Perspective

Sanguine in Affection refers to the need for deep relationships, closeness, love, and affection.

Emotionally available, easy to get to know, open and friendly. Of all the temperament types, the Sanguine is easily the most outgoing, easy to get to know, and lovable. They will value friendship, love, and close interaction much more than physical possessions. They live to establish deep personal relationships.

A Sanguine in Affection needs an active, caring relationship, where words and acts of love and caring emotion are a daily occurrence. Holding hands, romantic walks, touching are all a part of the daily needs of those who have this temperament with respect to affection.

Regular reassurance is a part of the need of these individuals. Failure to receive sufficient human interaction at an intimate level can cause all sorts of trouble for these individuals. These individuals are quick to open up emotionally, and will respond to others willing to do the same.

To keep a Sanguine in Affection truly happy, the need to hear, see and feel loved on a regular, daily basis. This does not necessarily mean they need sex on a daily basis, but the need for affection, touch, romance, acceptance, approval and love is a unremitting need for the Sanguine in Affection.

Sanguines can bring themselves closer to God by:

  • Learning to consider the end results of their words and actions
  • Finding ways to deal with their anger constructively
  • Learn to fear less the rejection of man by placing their trust in God
  • Discover ways to be self-indulgent and pleasing to God at the same time
  • Consider God to be a friend

Sanguines In Affection Need:

  • Plenty of up close and personal contact
  • Lots of romantic activity. Valentines Day is better than Christmas
  • Long, hand holding romantic walks
  • Weekend getaways with that special someone
  • To receive praise, compliments and acceptance
  • To avoid rejection, disappointment, and criticism
  • Do things that will get them appreciated
  • Have physical contact with someone special on a regular basis

Sanguines in Affection will behave in predictable and unfortunate ways to get their extensive personal contact needs met. The most common problem in a marriage with a Sanguine is faithfulness. Extra-marital affairs are a specialty for this temperament when their needs are not met within the bounds of their marriage.